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This tour contains the most popular attractions in Istanbul  and surroundings. You will be met by your private tour guide at harbour or hotel and start to excellent tour. This tour covers;

  • Ephesus Ancient City, The Terrace Houses, The House of Virgin Mary, Temple of Artemis, Turkish Sirince Village
Explore the Best of  Private Ephesus Tour on this half-day  tour that covers the major attractions, such as the Ephesus Ancient City, The Terrace Houses, The House of Virgin Mary, Temple of Artemis, Turkish Sirince Village

DEPARTURE TIME Please arrive by 8:00 AM for a prompt departure at 9:00 AM.
Licensed professional tour guide
Hotel pick-up and drop off by guide
Private Tour
Transportation with luxury Van.
Entrance Fees to the attractions
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Ancient City of Ephesus

Ephesus is one of the most important ancient cities of the world and it is a UNESCO heritage site and was the capital and commercial center of Asia Minor in the roman period.It was the beginning and the end of the King Road.(One of the three ancient trade routes,the others being the silk and spice roads )of the World. You will have chance to see beautiful temples, library ( which was the third largest in ancient World ) and buildings were built in the roman period.

The House of Mother Mary

The House of Mother Mary is located at the top of the Bulbul mountain and it’s only 6 kms away from Ancient city of Ephesus. It is believed that The Mother Mary spent her last years in this shrine. According to Catholic Christianity, After the Crucifixion of Jesus, Mother Mary was brought from Jarusalem to Ephesus by St. John the appostal to live. The foundation of the house is based on Anna Catherine Emmerich’s visions and was found in 1891. When they found the house, was already collapsed by the erthquake. After The House of Virgin Mary was re-built as a church and has been visited by Pope Paul VI in 1967 and Pope John Paul II in 1979, has been registered as a place of pilgrimage.

The Basilica of St. John

According to Catholic Christian Society, John and Marry definitely lived in Ephesus and one of his tasks was to take care of Mother Mary. He was also spreading christianity in Ephesus, in the reign of Domitian, John was exiled to the island of Patmos as a prisoner. When he re-gained his freedom, He returned to Ephesus and spent his remaining years in the Basilica. He was the only diciple of jesus not to have been killed or executed by the romans who were pagan, who worshipped the greek gods and godeses of Olympus.

The Temple of Artemis (Diana)

It is known as the first settlement of Ephesians where the Temple is. However , today only the basic structure and a column remained from the temple, but worth a visit even in the current atmosphere of the temple.

Terrace Houses

Terrace Houses also known as “the houses of rich” are located in the ancient city of Ephesus, opposite of the temple of Hadrian. It has a remarkable place for us since it gives us very significant informations about roman family life. In Terrace Houses, you will see all parts of the house which is covered by beautiful mosaics and frescos that show us how rich they are and heating system same as roman baths.

Ephesus Archaeological Museum

Archaeological Ephesus Museum where is located in Seljuk offers you a journey from the prehistorical period to Seljuk and Ottoman periods of Ancient City of Ephesus. You will have a chance to see many well-preserved artifacts which belongs to Prehistorical, Mycenaean, , Classical, Hellenistic, Archaic, Roman, Byzantine, Seljuk and Ottoman periods of Ancient Cİty of Ephesus.

Sirince Village

Sirince is one of the most beautiful village in the western part of Tukey and is the district of Selcuk town which is the fifth settlement of Ephesus as the last and Modern. It takes aproximately 15 minutes to arrive by driving from the selcuk town. On the way to Sirince, you are going to pass through mountains and see really beautiful nature where is recommended by the doctors to live for the people who have breathing problem. When you arrive there, beautiful nature and stone houses are welcoming you with very kind local people by offering you a drink to show their hospitable. Sirince is the place where you can see many wine cellars and restauranrts to taste local meal. It is possible to see over than 10 kinds of homemade fruit wines to drink and taste.

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