About Us


Moira Travel is a professional, fully licensed (A) group destination management company based in Turkey Moira Travel is a member of TURSAB (11682) – Association of Turkish Travel Agencies.

Moira Travel has 4 fully licensed offices in Turkey and Kusadasi (Head Office), Istanbul , Goreme (Cappadocia) a sub office in Nevada USA and has been organizing Turkey tours since 2011. Moira Travel is staffed by a team of the BEST English and Spanish licensed tour guides & archeologists who live in the city and every day inhabit her history and traditions in their present shape. We love to share our enthusiasm and knowledge with you, covering all of its important sites and topics with an accessible and engaging approach. We hope you to join us for history, archeology, culture, adventure, nature, art, comfort that are all in our private tours.

With our well-planned and carefully studied itineraries, you will be able to maximize your time experiencing the culture, the history and the art of the past in the most direct and meaningful manner possible. We know that your time in Turkey is precious and is often the fullfilment of a life-long dream. We care about this and don’t want you to miss this great opportunity to enrich your mind and your life, experiencing at first hand the roots of our present societies and institutions .This is the goal that all of our team will help you to realize.

Moira Travel specialize in arranging the personal private tours and Small Group & Private Turkey Tours, which are customized according to your preferences, time, interests and budget. Providing travel services in Turkey and around the world, Moira Travel works with professional partners in countries including Australia, North America, South America and Europe to provide tours, package holidays, round-trips, hotel reservations, flight tickets, transfers and other types of transportation in Turkey and around the world.

In addition to personal private tours, Moira Travel organizes Small Group & Private Turkey Tours, Shore Excursions, Daily Tours, Private Tours, Group Tours, Round Trips, Biblical Tours, Jewish and Christian Heritage Tours, Congress, all of which can be customized to your preferences, time limits, and interests. Tours for travellers and cruisers from all over the world and package holidays such as Turkey, Greece, Egypt,

Nobody knows around better than a local tour guide.